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musicians 4 musicans
who we are

“Musicians4Musicians” attempts to help cut down the fees that just don't make sense anymore and make event planners, buyers, and entertainment committees shy away from hiring LIVE MUSICIANS!  We like to get right down and to the point when hosting special events.  We love to help fundraise and give back to the community, keep LIVE music ALIVE and just plain ole have an old fashion “HOUSE PARTY!” We love being and performing together and accept  what we do as a blessing especially when we impact so many with our God given gifts.  We always have a wonderful time doing what we love to do, be it rehearsing or PERFORM LIVE ON STAGE together with the best that Minneapolis has to offer and in the world has to offer; in LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! 

Kathleen Johnson the founder of  "Musicians4Musicians", lead vocalist for  “The Rage Project, featuring BKS”, “The Ladies of Jazz” and “Divas for Dads” and the list goes on. Kathleen brings together some of the most sought after and talented musicians, to perform and celebrate for a good cause!

She mentors, holds workshops and turns over her stage to up and coming new artists that are working on their craft and want to get comfortable and good at it!  These artists work on their music with Kathleen and then have the opportunity to perform regularly with seasoned professional musicians in an attempt to learn LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE! 

Kathleen puts on the playing field great side by side seasoned professionals and the artist that is shy and “Green” and comes up with a hell of a show!   We put together shows and musical projects for fundraisers, corporate and special events, club dates, musicals, festivals, home goings or any event that has the need and desire for LIVE entertainment, but may have a limited budget. Kathleen has learned from the best and wants to share it with everyone!